Monday, November 28, 2011

What a month.

Hello long lost readers,

I have had a busy month this month with my littlest dd. She has been not been a well girl this month with 8 trips to the Dr's plus a trip to the hospital. She is getting better and has certainly picked up but her poor little chest keeps playing up.

I have continued with my early learning with my older one and we have been working on four Kumon books. Doing a couple of pages each day and working our way through it.

Just a small update to let you know that I have not disappeared.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Asthma!!! Asthma, Asthma

Hi Everyone,

So over the last six weeks I have been back and forth to the Doctor over my youngest DD's breathing. She has had a wheeze that she has been unable to shake and now after today since we can't get her wheeze under control she starts a prednisolone for 5 days tomorrow. I can tell you right now that I am absolutely not happy about this at all. I do not like the idea of my 11 month old baby on steroids. I am now on a constant search to help her get better. I have a strong family history of Asthma and I do not fancy trips to the hospital in the middle of the night or a life time of steroid treatment to keep it under control. She also seems to have a dairy allergy as well.

I am also concerned as she is coming up for her 12month immunisations (MMR and approx 4 others) and I am very, very concerned about this. I feel at this point of time that she is not well enough to take the on-slaught of bugs on  (as I feel) a compromised immune system. I am not against vaccination I just want to make sure she is 100% well before I do go ahead with it. In Australia we are lucky enough that we can conscientiously object as long as we have a talk to the dr about it first which is more like an intervention than it is a talk. (It is not the first time I have voiced my concerns).

I guess right now I am trying to get my thoughts down and see what the pros and cons are. I am very afraid that the immunisation right now could possibly make things worse for her and having it a bit later might be better for her or not at all. I wish this was an easy decision to make. I feel if I don't, I don't just hurt her if she gets anything but I could possibly hurt the community around her (Herd immunity) If I do do it and her immune system can't take it I could possibly make things worse for her own health.

My little Miss is causing me a lot of worry and I am losing sleep over it. If any one could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. I am now looking at natural health/western health alternatives to her asthma and my dilemma with immunisation?

Thanks In advance