Thursday, January 27, 2011

Right brain education the future or quackery? part 1

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I have recently undertaken the right brain kids Tweedle Wink over view course on Right Brain Education. When I first heard of right brain education I honestly thought that it was just a 'marketing gimmick' hatched to make parents feel guilty about not doing enough early education with their children. Even though this was my initial thought I was intrigued to find out more and if there was any validity to what they were claiming.

Right brain Education was first taught in Japan by a man named Makato Shichida who combined Tony Buzan Accelerated learning techniques with the Glenn Doman method and modified the method for children. He discovered that children were amazing learners and in the right loving environment were able to excel in areas which we thought were only reserved for the truly gifted.  He discovered that children were able to learn things like perfect pitch, attain multiple languages, have photographic memory, speed read and have incredible ability to calculate math.

So I tried googling the Shichida method schools on you tube video but there are none I later found out that they have strict secrecy rules around their method, but I stumbled across a forum on early childhood education where I came across right brain kids and there product for 0-6 children called Tweedlewink, a right brain education DVD set with course  I have had the DVD set for awhile but I waited to do the course until now and I can certainly see the benefits of right brain education and how it can help my daughters achieve the above abilities.

I have just finished the first module of this course and I have already learnt so much. The human brain is an absolutely amazing organ and it at its most plastic in the years of zero to six. Pamela Hicken (the lady who put together the tweddlewink programme) says you can teach these concepts in 10 minutes a day.

What is Right Brain Education?

Right Brain Education is a misnomer it really should be called whole brain education because if we only educate one side of the brain then we would end up really lop sided. The point of educating the right brain is so when the bridging effect occurs around the age of 6 the child's brain will be able to work as a whole (not having left or right brain dominance) and the child could bring together the mental imaging of the right brain and use the left brain to bring the image into life. It can also help with learning techniques such as speed reading, great creativity, rapid math calculation and perfect pitch.
It is not about making your child a genius but giving your child enough information to find the genius within.
Right brain education is a very gentle approach compared to what we are used to from our school years. There is no testing, no rote memorisation, just a fun, loving approach to education where you give the information through a fast flash card technique and you walk away and let the child show you. (This has been a very very hard concept for me to grasp because I want to know where my daughter is at and I am constantly asking her questions) but I am starting to let it go and I am learning to just give her the information and not asking for it back.

Right Brain Education should also only be presented by you if you are in a relaxed state no point trying to do a lesson when the kids a screaming, the dog chewed your favourite pair of shoes and you are trying to cook tea. You must be relaxed and in a loving state with your children to do a lesson.

I hope this blog on right brain education has intrigued you to do some more research into it. I will continue part 2 very soon.


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