Friday, September 30, 2011

Little reader review with a Little Reader Giveaway

Hi Everyone,

I have been waiting with baited breathe to do a review on Little Reader for a long time and its even better now I have semester 1 to give away.

If you have been interested in teaching your baby to read and have felt overwhelmed by all the information or wondering where to start or even if you work outside the home than this is a great product to help you teach your baby to read. I have been using Little Reader (LR) now for two years. I first used it with my eldest daughter now 3 (yes she is reading) and I am now using it with my second daughter who is almost 10months. Both my DD's have really enjoyed learning from this computer based program and it has certainly been a stress reliever for me having an already ready curriculum to go, especially as I was working part time 3 days a week when I started this program with my eldest daughter. As it was already prepared I would show her one session in the morning before I went to work and Miss S went to day care and another in the evening when I got home from work.I found it a great thing to share with my eldest daughter she would sit on my lap and I would show her the words and the videos and we would giggle and do the actions together.

So I will do a Pros's and Con's List.

  •  It has a year curriculum already made so there is nothing to stress about. All you have to do is press play twice a day
  • It is convenient. Just take your laptop anywhere and the lessons go with you. If you go on holiday your child's lessons don't need to stop.
  • It has a printer function so you can print the words and stick them up around the house or if you just wanted to show your child some tangible flashcards.
  • The lessons are customisable. You can put your own voice over the words or make your own presentations which include pictures of family. 
  • There is a UK English version as well as a US English version. So you can change it to suit the English your region of the world uses.
  • There is a support team to help you if you have any problems getting LR to run.
  • Simplified and Traditional Chinese is available and you can purchase that if want to expose your child to another language.
  • Great for Mummy/Mommy's or Daddy's who work and do not have the time to make flashcards. 
  • A description of each word is shown so your child has a full understanding of what each word means. For example The word Jump with an arrow running under the word from left to right to show which way the word goes. Than a picture of someone jumping and then there is a video of a person jumping up and down.
  • Pattern Phonics which flashes family of words cat, hat, mat, van, pan can. So children understand that the words are made up of similar sounds. Also helps with being able to sound out new words latter on.Here is a you tube video of baby Nim reading at 16months
  • You can get a free 14 day trial and see if Little Reader is for you and your family by clicking on the Little Reader icon on the top right hand side Bar
  • Mine has been a little prone to crashing but it is all fixed now
  • Other than that there really aren't any

Now if you are interested in winning a 6 month Little Reader curriculum here is what you need to do

  •  Comment on this blog and tell me in 25 words or less why you would like Little Reader to teach your babies to read.
  •  Follow me on my blog.

Conditions of entry.

  • You can not already own Little Reader.
  • Any spam comments will be automatically disqualified from the competition and deleted
  • Entries that are received from today 1/10/11 to midnight (Australian EST time) on the 14/10/11 are valid.
  • The winner has met the above criteria.
  • winner will be drawn on the 17/10/11 and notified via Blogger messenger. 


Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of Little Reader basic 6 months curriculum to giveaway in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Spending loads of hours/money into making Doman bits and flashcards, but I cannot keep up with my daughters quest for knowledge. Please help!

  2. Little reader has helped babies all around the world to learn to read. I want my baby to read too!

  3. I am using Little Reader free trial to teach my 1-year old baby to read but she can't sit still. Please help!

  4. I want my son (24 months) to learn to read, but can't afford the program. He loves the trial version.

  5. Just wanted to add that I follow you but under a different name. Patriotic1 is