Saturday, September 17, 2011

What I have been up to.

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the hiatus lately. Been really busy, my eldest Daughter is about to start at a Montessori school and has not taken as well to it as I thought she would. She is beginning to settle down now but I think the transition from a daycare environment to a Montessori environment has been a little harder on her than I thought it would be.

The reason why I think it has been harder on her is a Day-care environment is  more chaotic than a Montessori environment which is a very orderly and quiet environment. I think the transition from those two environments and what is expected of her in each one has been confusing. This has surprised me quite a bit as I thought she would have been really excited to go to Montessori and found it an easy transition but to my surprise it has not been that easy for her and my patience either.

Miss S is improving with each visit and starting to really enjoy being in the Montessori environment. She is far more tired after 3 hours of Montessori than she is of 10 hours of day care. A Montessori environment has a tremendous amount of things to do compared to day-care and I think to begin with the choice has overwhelmed her, even though the choice is limited the "work" as they call it in Montessori is very engaging and requires the child's full attention as Day-care does not.

I have actually been quite worried that our decision to send Miss S to a Montessori has been the right one. It is hard to say if this is the "right' choice for Miss S. My concerns have been about her settling in and making friends as she as a wonderful group of friends at day-care and I was not wanting to split her up from them, then my husband reminded me that when she goes to school that she will not be going to school with any of her friends from daycare any way. So I am only prolonging the inevitable. The other issue I have is that the Montessori school ask that children be toilet trained. My child the little darling that she is flatly refuses to go to the toilet. This has played on my mind quite a bit and I have been wondering if she is using the toilet as a delay tactic so she does not have to go. It is not a case of I cant go to the toilet it is a case of I wont go to the toilet.  Everybody tells me she wont do it forever but I'm beginning to think she will.

Just a ramble tonight. Trying to get all my worries together, Sorry if this post makes no sense.

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