Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Art, Art its everywhere

Hi everyone,

The more and more I read about early education and learning the more and more I want to incorporate into my day. It is one of those things with so much to do and such little time to do it in. Today I will talk about the art project I did today with my eldest child. This was taken from the Pre-School book from Artistic Pursuits.

Today's art project was to collect things from nature or backyard and then talk about the different textures and patterns they make by rolling them over play dough. This is a great little project because it takes 10minutes to collect a few things from the backyard and we all have play dough and if you don't I will include a recipe at the bottom of this blog.

1. Collect 'nature things' from your back yard or park. (Here is a photo of Miss S collecting nature from our back yard)
Sophia collecting nature things from our back yard

Her basket of Treasures
What we collected

2.  Get out your play dough and start pressing.

Miss S experimenting with the different material
Miss S feeling the different patterns that nature makes

3. Talk and ask questions about what they notice. How does the bark feel rough or smooth? Are the gum nuts soft or hard. What sort of pattern does the gum nut make? How does the tree pattern feel? Simple questions and build upon them. Get them noticing more about the things around them. Get them observing more of the world around them.

Since starting these little art projects with my kiddies I am certainly appreciating the world around me a lot more . I hope these projects inspire you and your little ones to get out more into your yard or park and start looking for your next 'art project'

Until next time. Here is the play dough recipe

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