Monday, August 13, 2012

A quick update.

Hello Readers,

What a month July has been and we are already half way through August. It has been a month where not much has happened early learning wise. I have started a few things but due to flu season really kicking in this household we have spent most of the month in front of the TV while my eldest daughter and I recovered from the flu and infections.

What a bummer but we have done some spelling, our map of Africa is coming along and her writing is improving each time she practices (when she practices) and my youngest dd's reading is getting better all the time and she often asks for her words (as she calls it or her ipad)  and is picking up books and pointing out words. It is so exciting to see this happen.

Our 1000 book challenge is now well and truly behind due to sickness I have lost a lot of motivation. I will however need to start picking this up and reading more. Agh I can't believe I let this happen. Never mind they are both still getting read to its just going to take a lot of reading to catch up,

Well checking out now,


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