Thursday, September 22, 2011

Simple Baking


Yesterday Miss 3 and I did some baking. I'm starting to do more practical life things with Miss S. Since turning 3 she seems far more interested in doing things for herself so I have decided that now she is wants to cook I am incorporating that into her day.

I found a really good recipe that most 3 year olds could easily follow with minimal parental supervision. When I say minimal parental supervision means I am still in the kitchen with her but I can be feeding my DD2 and not having to stand over Miss S to make sure she is following all the directions and I am there if she needs help.

 The recipe came from an excellent blog called How we Montessori (click on the link for the recipe) I used this with Miss 3 and she found it really easy to follow. Here are some photos
With all the ingredients ready to go
Cutting the banana with a child friendly knife. Bananas are a great fruit to use to introduce the knife and for cutting
Mixing the batter
Putting batter into pan she is using a measurement cup to 'spoon' the batter in with. I find these really good for little hands
"I want to bake"
A Montessori child always cleans up after herself
Doing the dishes
The Final product. Banana and Honey Muffins (YUM)

 I hope that this helps you to go and get baking in your kitchen.



  1. Way too cute! You have an excellent set up with the child table and chairs so close to the kitchen. Great for cooking and eating at.

  2. Thanks Kylie, Putting the chairs and table in the kitchen has certainly helped with Miss 3 becoming more independent. If you have the room I highly recommend it.