Sunday, February 5, 2012

Progress with little Miss A

Hello Readers,

Well since deciding that it was best to take an Early Learning break with Miss S it has allowed me to spend more time with Miss A who is absolutely thriving at the moment with all of her Early Learning.

Miss A has finally gotten in to DVDs and is happy to watch Your Baby Can Read and is thriving. A is picking up so many new words and really enjoying the whole YBCR process she giggles and smiles when it I put it on and s doing the actions to the words to. It is great to see her thriving the way she is. A has been consistently doing LR most days of the week since she was about 5 months old. I have not tested her at all and I was beginning to wonder if it was working at all.but with the recent introduction of YBCR she has just flourished she is also really enjoying baby signing time as well.

I have also introduced home made flashcards which she doesn't enjoy as much as the DVDs but that is okay her sister is enjoyng them (Its the only thing Miss S will do)  So by default Miss A sees them to. I am just amazed by Miss A's progress she has had her ups and Downs and throughout her first year of life she was not 100% health wise I am so pleased to see her doing so well.

Happy Teaching



  1. Kimba, so great to hear that Miss A is doing so great with EL! Do not get discouraged by power struggles with Miss S! My older is 30 months and my baby is 10 months, and I totally know what you are going through! But I have to tell you that my older one became much better behaved lately! I am sure Miss S will outgrow it too! Happy Teaching! You are awesome Mommy!

  2. Thanks Nadia, Sometimes you do wonder if you are doing a good job? It is so nice to spend sometime with Miss A but it does make Miss S unhappy that Miss A is getting my attention and she keeps saying "You teach me now, you teach me." So at least I know she still wants to be taught.