Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Montessoring up the house

Hello Readers,

As you know I'm doing each room up bit by bit to help both my girls become more independent around the home. I am currently working on the kitchen area and I can almost say that I am done.

I have finally switched over the plastic cutlery and crockery to the real stuff and I did this for about $12AUD by buying old glass bowls and glasses from op shops. So hooray for someones old stuff.

The girls love it and feel very special having their real crockery and I don't care if it gets smashed because I can replace it for about $2.

I have found that there are a lot of places on line that sell the personnel care products for huge $$$$. I don't think that making your home Montessori friendly has to be expensive. It just has to be the right size materials at the right height so it can work for your child.

I am always surprised by how my girls react to the changes I make and how much more responsible and happy they seem to act. My youngest DD now drinks from a glass no problems and refuses to drink from  sippy cup. She even attempts to poor her own drinks and wants to spread butter on her own toast and she is all of 18months.

So enough about my kids here are some photos for you to see what I have done.

Their own cutlery. Miss A has blue and Miss S has pink. It is their size and the different colours help stop fights. I found the cutlery at General Trader for $14.95 AUD

I found the glasses for 50 cents each the bowls for $1.50ea, the glass jug for $4.50 and the glass serving tray fro $2.50 at a local op shop
Separate trays one for cleaning and one for some food preparation. I set the food on up with rice crackers and a separate container for butter. Both of my girls love being able to fix their own snack.
Their own little table in the kitchen in which to prepare their own snacks.

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