Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Motherhood as a career choice?

I often get asked the question "So, when are you returning to work?" At the moment I answer sheepishly in Novemeber. I really don't want to go back at the moment by dream is to be at home with my two girls until they start school. It often surprises me that I feel this way, I never thought as a modern woman, especially one who grew up in a household of a very successful career woman for a mother that I would want to be at home with them rather than be in the work force even if it is just part time.

Motherhood even with its up and downs and days with defiant two year olds I couldn't think of a palce I would rather be. I know that being at home is not glamourous, there are no designer outfits here, no one to say your doing a great job, no one to comfort you when you are brought to tears by your two year old but the rewards are endless and I know that I have built something with my girls a bond that is so strong and that is priceless.

Now I know that this is not a choice every woman has. Some women want to return to work and that is fine this is not a place I will ever degrade another woman's choice. One must do what is right for them and some woman are tremendously better mothers when they are not at home all the time. Some don't have a choice and must return for financial reasons.

So why would I choose Motherhood as a career? Because it is the best job in the world and also the most challenging. You must be always one step ahead. You must be ready to zig when they zag and vice versa. You still have to keep going even if you feel like shit and the best thing of all is you get to teach them stuff. I love nothing more than playing silly sentences with my DD1 and reading the sentences and giggling away together. Or doing a flashcard lesson and hearing the words more, more Mummy. Being utterly amazed by the ever changing person that they are coming. Having my 3 month old smile her little face off when I give her a flashcard lesson or sing her Alouette. I love the bond that this builds and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

I may never reach the heights of  a CEO of a major corporation like I used to dream when I was a teen but in my eyes I am the CEO of my household and the position of mother deserves all the accolades and respect given to any CEO and the responsibility I carry far out  weighs one.

This post is to all the mothers out there those who sacrifice on a daily basis, those who say no and have the argument with the child than giving in and saying yes. Those who still battle the work force when they don't want to. Those mothers who are in the workforce who after work get in the car rush home than ferry their children to countless sporting commitments or friends place or sit down and go through homework even when they are dog tired. You have my utmost respect you truly work the hardest job in the world go and pat yourself on the back and go buy yourself something nice without feeling guilty because you've earnt it.

Kimba xx

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