Friday, May 20, 2011

toilet training what a nightmare!

i have heard lately that if your children don't have the terrible twos they certainly can be worse at three. I am beginning to wonder if that is the case for me. My DD1 is not that far off three and she is becoming the most argumentative, willful, stubborn, have-a-tanti-at-a-drop-of-a-hat child I have ever known.

Toilet training this child has been an absolute nightmare she is so strong-willed that she will fight with you about going to the toilet because she does not want to stop what she is doing. I have asked nicely and taken everything away from her. She knows she has to go and was often taking herself until she went to daycare realised if she argued and refused to go she would get put back in a nappy (diaper) and she could conveniently go whenever she wanted without having to stop what she was doing. So my little DD decided she was going to try this on at home.

This week she has been a pain in the backside having 'accidents' for no other reason other than she can't be bothered. My dd actually sat down and coloured with me she says to me "Mummy I need to do a wee" "Quick go to the toilet" which is two steps from where she was. "NO I WILL NOT GO TO THE POTTY I AM DRAWING" which resulted in a five minute argument to get her on the toilet and then i finally picked her up, pulled her pants down sat her on the toilet and said yelled "YOU WILL GO ON THE POTTY OR NO COLOURING" she went and got off the toilet and said "Mummy I did a wee like a big girl can I have a sticker?' to which with steam coming out of my ears and through gritted teeth I replied "No you can have a sticker when you go to the toilet ALL DAY." I have no idea what goes through their little minds!!!

I just need to vent, this toilet training has been an horrendous experience it has taken my Mum and me to clamp down on her to make her go. Although my DD will do anything for her Nonni. Hopefully tomorrow she will be willing to go.

signing off with one big sigh,

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