Monday, June 27, 2011

My review of Monkisee ACTION WORDS dvd.

I was recently sent the Monkisee Action Words DVD to review.( I have to say it was a really good DVD. I gage this on how well my 2 DD Miss S almost 3 and Miss A almost 7 months interacted with the DVD. I will write my review with dot points because it is easy to read and allows us already time poor parents to make quick decisions.

  • 30 words on the DVD are covered which is excellent, approx a word per minute
  • Kids are asked to participate immediately by doing the action. Great for Miss S and I can help the younger one
  • The word is shown in 3 different ways. So the child can see how each word is used in our daily lives.
  • 3 words are shown at a time than each word is explained individually.
  • Each word is shown in large red letters and an arrow comes across the screen from left to right to show which way we read the word.
  • A catchy song is played at the end of each segment and the words appear again and the word meaning is acted out. So the child watching sees the word and puts the meaning of the word together.
  • The puppets add a fun touch. I was never a fan to begin with but after watching both my DD's engage with the DVD. I felt they engaged more because of the puppets and participated more in the dvd because the puppet asked them to. My youngest DD watched the dvd glued and its hard to make her watch anything my eldest DD giggled and laughed and did all the actions the monkey's did.
  • There really aren't any it's more improvements that could be made.
  • The sound is a bit tinny and could do with a slight adjustment. The Host Olivia sounded to me a bit echoie at times.
  • And that is it.

So in my humble opinion when it comes down to it all the question I ask my self is this. How much bang for my buck am I getting? For $19.95, this DVD is well worth being part of your Early Educational Library. It is fun and interactive. It gets the kids up moving, so its good for a rainy day or snowy day, depending where you live. I rate this DVD a 9/10 This is very good considering there is a lot of stuff on the market touted as 'educational' when it is not and this is very educational at all.

Happy Teaching Parents and Caregivers
Kimba xx

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