Friday, January 20, 2012

Following the child learning to let go and change the curriculum when needed!

Hello readers,

Lately my eldest dd has been really, really resistant in the early learning department so much so that after trying every tactic in the book and getting increasingly frustrated I have decided to take a break from the curriculum we were following and I am going to work for on the arts, wink program and sports.

I have broken the cardinal rule of enjoying the process and become the drill and kill parent which I hate. I have also become increasingly frustrated with her and feel like I am being played so all of my time and attention is on her rather than her sister. Miss S will ask to do a workbook I will get it out then she will sit there and not do anything or I will go to put it away and she s NO NO NO I WANT TO DO IT. So half of my day is spent is this power struggle. So today I called it quits and said no more, no more game playing and no more power struggles. I will leave the books out but I will focus more on the arts and sports plus wink which I will start doing and if she wants to join in she can.

At the moment it has almost become impossible to teach her and my ever increasing frustration levels are not helping. I need a break to, I need to enjoy her again. I am looking forward to enjoying more time teaching her sister and working with her which I can now do because I wont be locked in a power struggle with Miss S.

I hope the break will be refreshing for us in general and a new direction will help us both. She is still happy to read to me and be read to so not all is lost but I will keep you updated.


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