Sunday, January 8, 2012

I am exhausted!!!! WHO ever thought that 3 year olds were worse than 2 year olds. My Eldest dd is A LOT of hard work at the moment. She is the Queen of the argument , and the Queen of Resistance. I almost need a holiday from her so I can refresh and have enough energy to do battle with her again.

Before I had children and my friends with children would say man I have had a hard day with my child. You say no and they go back and do it anyway. Take things away and they don't care and so on and so on. I would think "How hard can it be I work full time and your at home with the kids" 'It's not like your working" and then I had children of my own!!!  AND I HAVE NEVER WORKED SO HARD IN MY LIFE.  Being a parent really is the hardest job in the world and I know many of my friends go to work to escape and have a moment of peace or just to go to the toilet on their own.

Now I appreciate what Mums do. It really is hard work but it is rewarding. I just wish my 3 year old would grow out of this behaviour!!!!

My rant for today.


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