Friday, January 27, 2012

Hello Readers,

I just thought I would share an update with you, while I have been able to do some early learning with my DD most things have completely come to a stand still. This has not deterred me as she is still allowing me to at least read to her quite a bit actually but we are having a lot of disciplining issues at the moment :\ Miss S is very stubborn and even trying to attempt anything with her comes out as an all out argument. She even has issue with me saying its time to get dressed and waiting for any period of time and expecting everything right now. So my husband and I are working on that with her at the moment.

On the other hand my little DD2 is booming along and her signing and reading are coming along beautifully. She is recognising many of the words from Your Baby Can Read and we are diligently doing Little Reader everyday. I look forward to updating her progress more.

Happy Teaching


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