Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to a new year

Welcome back everyone to a new year of  Early Learning.   I hope for it to be an exciting year with me sharing what I am doing with my two little dds.

Today was the first day we got back into early learning with both my daughters. The lead up to Christmas has been hectic to say the least and was almost impossible for my eldest daughter to concentrate with the impending visit of  'Santa' and then we had people come stay with us for the Xmas/new year period so we had a holiday from our daily routine.

So what's in store for 2012 alot actually. This year  want to focus more on Right Brain Education especially with my eldest and work on photographic memory, speed reading and speed math as well. I will be mainly doing this through the Wink Programme from Right Brain Kids and  will be continuing to do flash cards with my youngest. I will introduce the wink Programme when my Eldest daughter starts showing signs that she is willing to listen. Lately she has been very difficult and loves an argument.Since the programme requires you to be able to listen and follow instruction I will have to wait until a certain Miss is a little more amenable.

My Husband and I are also focusing more on Music and have bought Miss S a piano keyboard and some software to help teach you the piano if Miss S really takes to it we will get her lessons.  have written about the importance of Music before and I will continue to write about Music as time goes on.

I will continue to keep going with her reading and writing. I am planning on doing the 1000 book challenge which is me reading 1000 books to my kiddies this year.It works out to be approx 3 books a day, which is very do-able.  I have already read 6 to them today and I plan on introducing small chapter books to my eldest for me to read to her and also working on reading comprehension. Miss S writing is slowly getting there. We are continuing to do workbooks and I am trying to get her to write a shopping list when we go shopping. She does about 3 words and then has had enough.

As with Maths we will continue to do workbooks but I plan on doing Jones' Genius Maths which she is now ready for. I look forward to dong that with her.

Well that's it for now

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