Friday, March 9, 2012

The geography map is finished

Hi readers,

The geography map of South America  is now finally finished.  We had a great time putting it together and learning about the flora and fauna of these wonderful countries. Miss S has enjoyed it so much that we have borrowed books from the library about the different countries and are going to do some of the activities. She was also very proud of her accomplishment and took it to school for show and tell.

The things my daughter learnt.
  • She learnt how to read a legend and understand what a legend means on a map.
  • She learnt to recognise each country's different flag.
  • You can ask 'Where is Bolivia' and she can find it within a couple seconds
  • By colouring in each individual country she was able to find where the country went on the map by working out the shape. (Like a jigsaw puzzle)
  • We learnt about the native animals of South America
  • It has had her asking to learn more about individual countries. For example we were at the library and she found a book on Bolivia and asked to borrow it.
  • It has deepend my interest in this mysterious continent and I have borrowed books about the Incas and I am now reading it aloud to my girls as they play. 

It has been really fun to do and even if you don't do anything on the scale I have done just remember your library is a great resource and just reading to your children will open a whole world of culture to them.

Sticking on Guyana the last country we did

All stuck on

Colouring in the legend. I taught her that she had to colour in the box the same colour as the country so people could find it on the map

All done

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