Thursday, March 22, 2012

Postcard exchange (Pen Pals)

Recently on the Brillkids forum there has been much talk on teaching our children geography. It seems we all want our children to be aware of the world around  them and we seem more and more aware of the 'global village' we are now living in. So one of the parents started a postcard exchange which I quickly joined and yesterday we received our first postcard from Madrid in Spain.

This made my daughter feel very excited about her new friend. We read the postcard together and then we opened up the Atlas (We don't have a globe yet) to a map of the world and I showed her where Spain and Madrid were on the map and how far away her new friend lives. Although I did explain that her new friend lived a long way away this didn't stop Miss S from asking if she could come over and play. :)

This little postcard exchange is really quite exciting and has had my DD asking all sorts of questions about the 1st country we have received a postcard from. It has opened us up to looking at maps and borrowing books from the library about her new friend's country. We even have some Spanish to translate which is quite an exciting prospect to also learn another language along the way.

 I hope as my dd gets older and her penmanship improves she will soon be writing the postcards herself and maybe the postcards will turn into letters and a friendship will be forged over the years. I look forward to receiving more postcards and learning about more countries with my dd along the way.

This is also a great way to teach the kids tolerance of different cultures. Yes we may do things differently or have different religions but we can all still be friends and put our differences aside.

What a wonderful world we live in!!!!! :)

Happy Teaching

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