Monday, April 30, 2012

1000 book challenge

Hello readers,

Month 4 is downand I am 20 books ahead of where I need to be. I have been reading to the girls sometimes up to six books a day. I actually needed to be ahead as I knew we were going away this month and I didn't want to end up playing catchup at the end of the month in case we did not read while we were away. (Much harder to read to your kids while they are court up in what the other children are doing)

This is a good spot to be in, even though hardly any reading got done while we were away I still managed to end up in front for the month. I just need to keep up the momentum, (which is alot harder than it seems somedays I just don't want to read to them) I can hear you all gasp!!! :) but I understand the importance of it so I keep doing it and I also have some impending surgery coming up and I may not be able to read to them for a week or two so I need to be ahead.

It is alot of fun and my local library is being more than supportive. I borrow approximately 120 books a month a get through most of them.

I hope this inspires you to read more to your kids. I just needed a challenge to keep me motivated. I was reading to my kids but not consistently this has helped me to read to them daily and share some quiet time with them. I don't expect them to sit on my lap but just to listen while they play. Sometimes they come over and sometimes they don't but as long as they listen that's all that matters.


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