Monday, April 2, 2012

Bath tub language fun

Hi readers,

I just thought I would share something with you who are a little time poor and are wanting to find more ways to fit some early learning activities in. I have started using bath time as a way to add some language learning in.

I have joined up to language mom ( to teach my kids french. Each week you get a french lesson to practice with your children and each lesson comes with a study sheet. I have printed each one off, laminated it and stuck it to the wall that the bathtub is on. When we are in the bath I ask the girls in french to touche la girafe or touch le lion. We watch the videos also while they are in the tub and make games up to play with them.

I find this a great way to have a lot of fun with them and we are all learning a language together and it is fun. You don't have to teach your kids a language but you could use that time any way you want. Maybe you would like to teach addition or subtraction or colours. Whatever takes your fancy but there is some extra time there in the bathtub to spend with your kids teaching them.

Happy Teaching


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