Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cultural immersion

Hello Readers,

Today my husband and I took our children to the rotary art show which was held at one of the local school. I love taking my eldest to these things as now she is starting to have opinions of her own about what she likes and what she does not like.

As we walked through the show she would point to paintings and say "I like this painting" What do you like about it? "I like the purple colours Mummy" That's nice what else do you like? "I like the painting that looks like water."

It is so nice to be able to do things with her now where she is forming opinions of her own and what she likes and does not like. She even sat down and took in all the paintings. I wish I could have taken some photos but it was not allowed.

It was a great trip out for us to do and a way of showing Miss S some art and culture in her day. Miss A well.... She whinged the whole time because my husband wouldn't let her walk.... because walking means running with Miss A.

Happy Teaching

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